Battery Testers from Megger Measure Impedance Values and DC Voltage to 7,000 Ah

The BITE2 and BITE2P take measurements within three seconds

BITE2/2P 7000 Ah battery impedance testersMegger now offers two battery impedance testers that have enough available current to measure impedance values and DC voltage up to 7,000 Ah. The BITE2 and BITE2P take measurements within three seconds.

Designed for use on valve regulated lead acid (VLRA) batteries, large flooded vented lead acid (VLA) batteries as well as nickel-cadmium (NiCD) batteries, these battery impedance testers are used in electrical power generation plants, telecommunication facilities, UPS systems, railroads, aircraft power supplies as well as in utility and industrial substations.

Megger’s BITE2 and BITE2P help to provide information about battery performance and detect hidden problems. These battery impedance testers feature an internal memory that automatically stores more than 2,000 sets of readings, for up to 300 tests, in a light-weight, rugged receiver.

The BITE2 and BITE2P not only have enough current to test large VLA batteries, but also have the current to test low resistance inter-cell connections as well as string continuity.

The BITE2 and BITE2P are robust, repeatable instruments that come with on-board pass, warning and fail indicators.

Unlike discharge testing, which is a time consuming test that requires the battery string to be off-line, the BITE2 and BITE2P is a fast, on-line test that requires no battery discharge and does not stress the batteries in any way. Testing is completed quickly by one person without ever having to take the battery system off-line.

Each unit offers PowerDB LITE software for quick and easy analysis and allows data to be stored and used for custom reporting. Power DB allows for fast trending of all data, calculates baseline values and keeps track of inspections data. It is ideal for NERC documentation.

The BITE2 and its accessories fit into a sturdy canvas case with shoulder strap.

The BITE2P comes with a built in printer so test results can be printed on the spot.

An optional scanner is available that allows the operator to scan assets. No complicated programming is required, making the BITE2 and BITE2P not only fast but easy.

Extension probes are available for those hard to reach locations.

Technical Specifications

  • Measure impedance values and DC voltage up to 7,000 Ah
  • Internal memory automatically stores more than 2,000 sets of readings
  • On-board pass, warning, fail indications
  • On-line testing
  • Measures AC ripple current
  • Includes PowerDB LITE software


For more information contact Peg Houck at or 610-676-8536.

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Megger is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of test and measurement equipment used within the electric power, building wiring and telecommunication industries. With research, engineering and manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK, Sweden and Germany, combined with sales and technical support in most countries, Megger is uniquely placed to meet the needs of its customers worldwide.

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