Battery Impedance Tester from Megger Measures Impedance Up to 2,000 Ah

BITE3 2000 Ah battery impedance testerBITE3 is easy-to-use, reliable

Megger now offers a battery impedance tester that gauges the health of lead-acid cells up to 2,000 Ah. The BITE3 measures cell impedance, cell voltage, intercell connection resistance as well as both float and ripple current. An internal ohmic test can also be performed using this device.

The BITE 3 can measure cells and string parameters quickly and efficiently without taking the system off line. In as few as four keystrokes, the unit is ready to take battery measurements.

Auto cell / strap recognition eliminates the need for complex configurations, regardless of the battery string configuration.

The device can be used during typical installations performed at electrical power generation plants, substations, telecommunications facilities, UPS systems, railroads, and aircraft power supplies as well as in marine and military applications.

Ideal for testing parallel strings, the BITE3 measures escape current so there is no need to sectionalize the strings. This helps to avoid false negative readings.

The BITE3 comes with Power DB LITE software. This powerful software package helps organize and analyze the recorded battery test data as well as configure the BITE3 and transfer data back to the software system.

This freeware version allows users to trend voltages, impedance, strap resistances, cell temperature and specific gravity. Red, yellow and green bands are used in the program to help quickly and efficiently compare cells versus warning and failure limits and help identify weak cells or old strings.

Power DB LITE also calculates baseline data, average impedance and average strap values. Users can input their own logo and view their data in either line charts or bar charts. It is ideal for both NERC and FERC documentation.

The BITE3 can store more than 1 million cells’ data in any string configuration.

This robust, repeatable battery impedance tester comes with on-board pass, warning and fail indicators. BITE3 features a Windows CE operating system with 32 MB memory.

Technical Specifications

  • Measure impedance values up to 2,000 Ah
  • On-board pass, warning and fail indicators
  • On-line testing
  • Comes with Power DB Lite software
  • Features a Windows CE operating system with 32 MB memory


For more information contact Peg Houck at or 610-676-8536.

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Megger is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of test and measurement equipment used within the electric power, building wiring and telecommunication industries. With research, engineering and manufacturing facilities in the USA, UK, Sweden and Germany, combined with sales and technical support in most countries, Megger is uniquely placed to meet the needs of its customers worldwide.

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