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It’s no surprise that John Welch, founder, and CEO of the Atlanta based company Bowtie Engineering, has a strong vision about how to solve the electrical safety puzzle. Welch says “we are going to implement 8 new things every month or else we fail the problem.” The problem is big. We continue to see Electrical violations hit OSHA’s top ten list of injuries every year. We continue to see customers who decide not to invest in training, PPE and processes for implementation. Welch says, “With the right person, the right tools and the right process, we can work anywhere on the electrical system safely!”

Generally speaking, customers are not informed on the value of these process/maintenance tools, and electrical engineering studies. One can argue that there is no ROI on performing an Incident Energy Study. An Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) person can counter this argument and show the value; avoiding the risk of injury from a shock or a burn injury. But it is still hard to inform a non-technical decision maker of its value.

What Welch has done to address this disconnect, is to develop a solution that is so simple to get around this complexity, that there is no reason not to sign up with Bowtie. Welch says “the qualified electricians continue to complain of the difficulties to understand the electrical risk, PPE requirements and condition of maintenance” These things are supposed to be supplied by the electrical equipment owners. The person doing the work and exposing his/her face and chest to energized electrical equipment rarely asks or has the data necessary to support safe work practices. Add the fact that he/she is most likely being pressured to hurry up and fix the electrical issue. All of these are trigger points to short cuts and mistakes, in Welch’s view. An employee will introduce a threat to the system (human error); will drop load; cause enormous equipment damage and potential injury or loss of life from an electrocution or arc flash.

The solution is Bowtie Engineering Service model, coupled with Bowtie’s Patented BowVue® Portal.

The Service model implements and controls the Qualified worker and associates it with the risk/task. The BowVue Portal manages it for the customer so with 3 mouse clicks a worker can be looking at any asset with the appropriate PPE requirement, the condition of maintenance, and the Qualified person required for risk and job planning. It’s simple, It’s fast, It can be customized, and it continuously improves.

About Us
Bowtie Engineering is a solutions-based systems engineering/integrated consulting firm that specializes in: Electrical Power studies (arc flash), Electrical Testing (NETA, IR), HVAC Management, UPS Management Generator Management. We deliver Safe reliable solutions for the most critical complex systems in the USA and Canada

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