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I-Gard Corporation
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Inherently committed to electrical safety, I-Gard is providing its customers with Ground Fault and Arc Flash protection systems.

Every company wants the same from its electrical system: continuity and no safety issues. Electrical hazards such as ground faults, arc flashes, electrical shock impact industry on a daily basis from interrupting processes, damaging equipment and posing a safety risk to personnel but we have the a solution to each.

For process facilities concerned about process interruptions, equipment damage, the risk of arc flash that solution is High Resistance Grounding which is recognized by  NFPA 70E, CSA ZA462 and the National Electrical Code as a technology that reduces the probability of an arc flash hazard. At I-Gard, we take safety one-step further by adding optical arc flash mitigation to our HRG systems to reduce probability and impact of an arc flash.

For users who cannot convert to HRG technology, we offer ground fault and arc flash protection relays to minimize the impact of an arc flash.

For facilities concerned about electric shock we have available, both our shock protection panels as well as our newest Absence of Voltage Tester (i-AVT)

Our history started as a power resistor company and we continue to offer a full range of resistor based solutions including Neutral Grounding Resistors (NGRs), dynamic braking resistors, and motor control resistors, all manufactured under the CSA SMTC program. With over 35 years of both domestic and international experience, I-Gard provides world class power protection.

Our focus on safety extends to education and awareness and is demonstrated though our partnerships with media companies at providing education editorials, application white papers and our active participation on industry safety and standards committees.

When you need electrical safety products, whether protecting your personnel, your key processes or your electrical equipment such as transformers, switchgear and generators, you can trust that I-Gard will offer you…unparalleled protection.

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